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What Age group is my child in?

We have 4 age groups, terminator (u10), Atom (u12), PeeWee (u14), and bantam (u16). The age group your child is in is based on their year of birth. if they are turning 8 or 9 this year, they are in Terminator (u10), 10 or 11 they are in atom (u12), 12 or 13 they are in peewee (u14), and 14 or 15 they are in bantam (u16).

what equipment do i need?

the wyfa provides all needed equipment (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, football pants, game jersey) except for cleats and a practice jersey. any cleats with molded (non-removable), non-metal spikes will work including football, baseball, or soccer cleats. practice jerseys (retired game jerseys) are sometimes available for purchase at wyfa equipment handout.

When are practices & games?

every age group practices on tuesday and thursday evenings, and plays games on saturdays in the morning or early afternoon. terminator (U10) and atom (u12) practices are 6:00pm - 7:00pm, peewee (u14) & bantam (u16) practices are from 7:15 - 8:30. saturday game schedules will be determined once teams are set, with the younger age groups typically playing earlier in the day. occasionally there may be a game scheduled during the practice times on tuesday or thursday due to scheduling demands.


all of wyfa's on field activities will take place at boyd stadium, located north west of the simplot millenium park (SMP) ball diamonds on the corner of richmond ave e and highway 110. the main entrance to the fields is through the gate on the north side of smp, accessed off of the service road on highway 110.

Boyd Stadium Location